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The entire world of culinary arts with a few clicks: Portraits of top chefs, kitchen experience - made easy, fabulous cookbooks and how-to-manuals, fascinating food and drink stories and the newest trends for kitchen, bar and wine cellar - that's what "Miele à la carte" is all about.

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Culinary Trends

Eating and drinking creates a common bond between people, nations and generations. Here you will find new, informative and entertaining facts on everything concerning eating and drinking, cooking and enjoying food.

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From apple pie to Zabaglione, from sweet to savoury, from simple to elaborate - more than 1000 Miele recipes with a success guarantee accompany you throughout the day.

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What is a Brunello? What distinguishes a Portuguese Vinho verde? Which cocktail is suitable as an aperitif? We will explain it to you!

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Kitchen Experience

Cooking is fun! Especially if the technology works properly and the products are of first class quality. Here you will find comprehensive information on everything that makes cooking easier and more fun.

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Kochbücher und Ratgeber


With recipes from Miele cookbooks that have been specifically adapted to work on Miele appliances, the most sensuous hobby in the world becomes pure pleasure!

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Meet our guest chefs "in person" and receive tips and tricks from the kitchen pros.

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