InnovationThe heart and soul of our company

Real creativity happens when you dare to go beyond the comfort zone. When you have the vision to question the ordinary, the norm, the tried and tested – to reach a place where nobody’s been before.

"Technology creates possibilities, but that’s just the beginning."
Dr. Markus MieleCEO Miele

Since 1899, Miele has been a family-owned company committed to pioneering the future of kitchen products. For over 120 years, the Miele logo has stood for technology that does more than just open up new possibilities – it also elevates your sense of enjoyment to new planes and ignites creativity. “Immer besser” – or “never stop improving ” – has been the guiding mantra coined by founding fathers, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, and still this restless quest for always enhancing and taking products to the next level characterizes Miele to this day.

A world of cooking without compromise

Cooking is about the freedom to let your creativity unfold without obstacles or compromise. It’s about unleashing your passion without limiting ambition. With the new Generation 7000, our team of inventors wanted to inspire a creative kitchen that’s, technologically speaking, so superior it feels like magic. 

"The future of kitchen technology is assistance. The technology is there only when you need it, regardless of your knowledge level or ability."
Andreas EnslinHead of Design at Miele

We’re dedicated engineers and reliable partners, creating approachable technology that is always one step ahead. This range of over 350 appliances delivers a world of innovation that reduces distractions and overcomes unnecessary interruptions. You are now in control of your kitchen experience like never before, with free reign to experience a new state of perfect and go beyond the ordinary.

Creating the perfect flow for an exceptional kitchen experience

We define flow as an effortless, smooth, focused and harmonious state that you find yourself in when all other conscious actions are not hindered by unnecessary steps or friction. When something works in perfect harmony with you and you’re at one with your task, it feels as if you have entered a dimension of freedom where everything happens intuitively, guided by your subtlest command – that is flow.

"A lot of emphasis goes into studying how we tweak the technology to make life easier and more fun."
Dr. Reinhard ZinkannCEO Miele

Miele allows you to stay focused on cooking rather than be distracted by unnecessary steps. Every task is managed intuitively with ease and comfort, nothing seems too complicated. You can completely rely on your appliances as your enabling partner in order to consistently achieve exceptional results.

With the new Generation 7000, we wanted you to have technology that aids you – a seamless kitchen experience that’s not just about the outcome but the process itself. Consistency, painstaking care and expertise in construction, use, and design make all the difference.